Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello from Brussels

Hey mom i hope you get this.        Friday Morning Nov 26th, 2010
I will be calling as soon as you should be awake. 
I dont have a number to get a hold of you so i will try dads
office number because i don't know your cell numbers and we dont have a
home phone anymore it looks like. 

 Thanksgiving Day in Riga at the Mission Home

This is what happened: Our plane in Riga couldn't leave on
time because of ice. This made us miss our flight in Brussels. 
We got us new tickets but they are for tommorow. So I wont
be getting into Idaho Falls until SATURDAY 9:14pm. 
I am safe and in the Brussles mission office. 
I Got sick a couple days ago so i am just completely drained of energy. Especially since i got three hours of sleep last night and four the night before. We should sleep well tonight however. 
We are just chugging along though. 
Dont worry about anything. 
WE will see you on saturday. 
Love you!

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